Aircraft Dynamic Propeller Balancing

and Vibration Analysis


The propeller is balanced dynamically on the aircraft with Microvib electronic equipment. Propeller is not removed from the aircraft. Two sensors take readings from propeller rpm and engine vibration.  These sensor readings are analyzed by the electronic analyzer which determines the amount and location of weight to be added to the spinner backplate.  This will achieve a balanced condition of the propeller, spinner, spinner backplate, and forward end of the crankshaft all together.  A vibration analysis is also done to determine if any engine components are causing vibration.



Dynamic propeller balancing will eliminate vibration caused from propeller imbalance.  This vibration causes accelerated wear of the engine and engine accessories.  Exhaust stacks, air-boxes, baffling, cowling, control surface skins, and sheet-metal in general all suffer from the effects of vibration in the form of cracking.  Avionics and instruments can also fail prematurely from the effects of vibration.  Excessive vibration is also associated with pilot fatigue and is just plain annoying, so dynamic balancing will make a more comfortable flying plane.  A new propeller, engine, and/or aircraft is still very likely to be out of balance, because the propeller was only balanced statically.  Dynamic balancing balances the propeller with the engine running, so the propeller, spinner, spinner backplate, and forward end of the engine crankshaft are all balanced together.  In summary, dynamic propeller balancing will save the aircraft owner money, because expensive repairs associated with vibration will be minimal.



Chuck has 22 years of experience balancing props and 24 years of doing A&P/IA work.


Cost when done at airport in Dodge Center, MN (KTOB)

Single engine piston - $300

Twin engine piston - $500

Single turboprop - $350

Twin turboprop - $600


Chuck can also come to your airport (for additional cost).  Price will decrease for multiple aircraft balanced at same time.  A credit will be given to businesses who allow Dodge Center Aviation, LLC to tend to their customers’ propeller balancing needs.

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