Chuck Willette, Licensed A&P/IA


  • 24 years experience on Cessna, Beech, Piper, and Mooney annuals, repairs, and modifications


  • Extensive experience on Bonanza annuals and modifications including B.A.S., Inc. shoulder harnesses, JPI engine monitors


  • Attended ABS Maintenance Academy in March 2013


  • ABS Member and listed as prepurchase inspection facility and mechanic on ABS website


  • Specialized factory training in Cessna high performance single engine aircraft


  • General factory training in Mooney aircraft


  • Capable of weighing aircraft


  • Participating in FAA-approved drug/alcohol testing program


  • Completed Rotax 912/914 series training

Complete Aircraft

Maintenance Services


It will eliminate that annoying, harmful vibration caused by propeller imbalance.


The benefits include a more comfortable cabin and increased life of sheetmetal, engine & accessories, avionics, etc.